02F Festival: celebrating creative women in our community.

The 2017 Festival's theme is Zero to Fierce: an opportunity to discover, inspire and create. 

The 02F Festival, which runs from March 2nd-11th, presents a week of fun, exciting, and provocative activities that will inspire our community to work, talk, and play together. We will kick off with a remount of the original play Women of the Northwest followed by a convivial symposium, a vocal improvisation workshop with renown singer Rhiannon, a wild cabaret, an interactive art installation, inspiring panel discussions on health, art, business, and activism, an Artisan market, and more.

 There are several roadmaps that will guide participants through the festival. They proceed along a chosen route following events that speak to Health and Self-Care, Home and Family, the Environment, and Activism -- a roadmap from Zero to Fierce.




THURSDAY and FRIDAY, MARCH 9 and 10, 2017
five hours each day  for a total of 10 hours.  $200.00


 10:00-1 (lunch break)  2:30-4:30 each day

For singers and teachers with good pitch and the desire to study vocal improvisation, circle singing and song form.
We will sing together to find our unique and personal sound, working alone, in pairs, and in ensemble  collaborations using the pleasure of physical movement while combining intuition and invention with skill and heart.

Using Rhiannon’s  Vocal River exercises, we will deepen our improvisational vocabulary, study melody, harmony, rhythm and tone and then circle up and sing.
Rhiannon has built her process for teaching vocal improvisation on the idea that we must be solid in musical skills, develop intuition and be available to the mystery and grace that exist when creating music spontaneously. Believing that improvisation belongs in personal creativity as well as performance, she has developed a process to make improvisation an essential piece of a singer's training. These exercises unfold in a carefully articulated progression. Working in circle, students first improvise melody, harmony, rhythm, counterpoint and interlocking parts in solo and small ensemble games. Then in learning to improvise as an ensemble, with exercises using the natural connection of body and voice, you learn to reveal a vulnerable, authentic sound. You also practice using language, both invented and in your native tongue, sung and spoken, as part of your musical repertoire. Many of these games become strong performance pieces and teach you how to invent a group sound without a leader. Learning to improvise as an ensemble with shared responsibility and power teaches deep listening, generosity, courage and musical awareness..

Women of the Northwest


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A play on women of the Pacific Northwest -- women of moxy and adventure! Follow the work in progress of creator/writer (Jackie Dandenau), the researcher (Tammy Rae Scott) and the historian/humanities advisor (Edith Butler), plus a bunch more womenfolk with curiosity and attitude! 

Join us on March 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Arcata Playhouse

8-10pm; $15/$12

Four on the Floor

Performing Women of the Northwest, Four on the Floor is the resident company of the Arcata Playhouse, is committed to bringing actors, writers, designers, directors, visual artists and film makers together to create original pieces in a collaborative environment.

The founders, Jacqueline Dandeneau and David Ferney, have over 40 years of professional theatrical experience between them and have performed in over 30 countries and 5 continents - both indoor and on the street. Using mask, physical theatre, shadow play, song, dance, comedy and melodrama this dynamic group of performers grace the stage with their experience, wit and energy.




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Lou Watson, Aiyana Cunningham, Kari Lawrence, Laura Jacobsen and Sarah Canterberry (MASHlab) present a mash-up of theatrical performance, video clips, quiz questions, audience participation, prizes and a catchy jingle for every occasion. A 50 minute performance that is part game-show, part infomercial, a live-baking, parent-skyping hybrid that aims for everyone in the audience to go home with something - whether it’s a prize (booby or otherwise) - or a prose (a jingle especially for you), LIVE GIRLS SHOW is actually a show, with girls, who are live.

Zuzka Sabata

 An original one-woman play created by Zuzka Sabata based on the life of Olive Oatman, the first tattooed white woman in America. She was a european-american migrant who, in 1852, found herself adopted by the Mojave Tribe at the age of 15. This highly physical performance delves into the seemy side of American expansionary history by moving beyond the standard narrative of so-called captivity stories into the inner world of a woman caught between cultures and permanently marked by murder.

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