About zero to fierce

THE 2nd annual Zero to Fierce Women's Festival: AN OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER, INSPIRE, AND CREATE!

Thank you for your interest in the Second Annual 02F Festival, celebrating creative women in our community. The theme of the festival, Zero to Fierce, is an opportunity to discover, inspire, and create. The 02F Festival, which runs from March 5th-11th, presents a week of fun, exciting, and provocative activities that will inspire our community to work, talk, and play together. There will be music, theater, panels discussions, potlucks, comedy, lunches, dinners, dancing, visual art and talking. Much talking. And laughter.

VOLUNTEER:  You can volunteer to help out at any point before, during and after the 7-day festival. Just email zerotofierce@gmail.com or call 707.822.1575.

SHARE: You can send information about the 02F Festival out to your organization and inspire your community to attend events.

See you there!