Every day at the Arcata Playhouse,  we will offering events for free from noon to 1:30pm.  

A simple lunch is available for $7

Monday - Open  Michelle

The Brendas will kick off the festival as the hosts of an hour and a half of music, spoken word and giddy fun. This will be a lunch to remember.  $10 includes lunch

Tuesday - Movie: Marianne: One Immigrant's  Journey

Local filmmakers Joy Hardin and Amy Uyeki share the immigrant story of Marianne Pennekamp, a long time Humboldt County resident and child and family rights advocate. Marianne's journey with her family, escaping from Hitler's Germany to Vichy, France and on to America, mirrors many immigrants stories and is especially relevant today. The short Film, 38 minutes, uses original interviews, archival photos from Pennekamp's past, and Amy Uyeki's animations. Musical scoring by Holly Mead. A discussion will follow the film with Marianne, Joy and Amy. Optional Lite lunch for $7.


Wednesday - Life-Boat Project: Global Human Warming

Dell'Arte's founding Artistic Director Joan Schirle will talk and show a film about her 2 year international collaboration with Marit Benthe Norheim, a Norwegian sculptor of Life-Boats.  Three ferro-concrete boats representing the 3 stages of a woman's life is based on her belief that art should be mobile, accessible, and provide "Global Human Warming"  Optional Lite lunch for $7.

Thursday - A Woman's Place is in her Home 

A talk about the theatrical exploration of women and homelessness coming in April. Join creators Jacqueline Dandeneau, Ali Freelund and Tammy Rae Scott as well as local homeless advocates, Anne Holcomb and Darlene Spoor, as they talk about the upcoming production.      Optional Lite lunch for $7.

Friday - Indigenous Feminism and Decolonization:  500 years of Resilience and Resistance. 

Join Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy along with community members and students as they share what indigenous feminism has looked like over 5 centuries in North America. Women have traditionally been a part of tribal leadership, but their oppression has ranged from colonizers' non-acknowledgement (of their leadership) to rape and violence, and (the) lack of offender consequences in  the criminal justice system. She will talk about the resilience of Native Women, contemporary art and performance and the revitialization of woman's coming-of-age ceremonies. Optional Lite Lunch for $7. 

Monday - Friday at Noon