Ticketed Events

These fabulous events can be purchased directly from this page, at Wildberries Marketplace or by calling the Arcata Playhouse at 707-822-1575 

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Convivial Symposium

wednesday, March 7th at 6pm

Convivial means "of or relating to social events where people can eat, drink, and talk in a friendly way with others". This convivial event is hosted by the Arcata Playhouse and will be a casual evening of food, fun, drinks and lively conversation oriented to females. Ticket includes catered dinner, wine and great conversation.

Catered by Sweet Mama Janisse.

Limited seating available Arcata Playhouse

Sliding Scale $20-$50

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02F Cabaret

Saturday,March 10th at 9pm

Emcees Jacqueline Dandeneau and Sarah McKinney will be joined by outstanding performers from near and far in this night of music, wild characters, crazy skits, and much fun! This is sure to be a raucous good time so don’t miss out. Be sure to buy your tickets early. Cabarets usually sell out!

Arcata Playhouse $15.00

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Lunch Box Series

Monday MArch 5 thru Friday March 9 at Noon

Every day we will be serving a simple lunch of Soup and Salad, coinciding with these fine events:

Monday - Open Michelle (Just like an open Mic but all women)

Tuesday - Movie: Marianne: One Immigrant's Journey

Wednesday - Life-Boat Project with Joan Schirle

Thursday - A Woman's Place is in Her Home - Homeless Women's Project

Friday - Indigenous Feminism and Decolonization: 500 years of Resilience and Resistance.  Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy shares what indigenous feminism has looked like over five centuries in North America. 

Arcata Playhouse, Monday $10

Optional lite lunch available Tues-Friday $7

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Movie:   Marianne:

One  Immigrant's Journey

Tuesday, March 6th at noon

This is part of our Lunch Box Series, Price includes lunch (soup and salad) 

Local filmmakers Joy Hardin and Amy Uyeki share the immigrant story of Marianne Pennekamp, a longtime Humboldt County resident and child and family rights advocate. Marianne’s journey with her family, escaping from Hitler’s Germany to Vichy France and on to America, mirrors many immigrant stories and is one that is especially relevant today. The short film (38 minutes) uses original interviews, archival photos from Pennekamp’s past, and Amy Uyeki’s animations, with musical scoring from Holly Mead, Bay Area musician and composer

Arcata Playhouse Optional Lite Lunch Available for $7.00

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Pink Boots Beer Tasting

Saturday, March 10th at 5PM

The Pink Boots Society Beer Tasting is hosted by local beer enthusiasts Sarah McKinney and Jen McFerrin. You will be walked through the spectrum of beer styles with delicious nibbles available that draw out the flavors of the beer and enhance the experience. This is a chance for women to gather together and celebrate beer and each other. Whether you are a seasoned beer drinker or just getting started, there will surely be a style to fit your tastes!

Limited seating. Dead Reckoning Cellars,

819 J Street, Arcata $25.00


Movie: Undercovered

Monday, March 5th  at 6pm

Following the 2001 terrorist attacks on NY, an item of clothing has gained a scandalous global reputation. The Headscarf.  All over the world, a major debate is ongoing about whether or not Muslim women should be allowed to wear the headscarf in public. Meanwhile, young women in the post-communist and post-war Bosnia are increasingly embracing hijab-wearing as a symbol of freedom of religion and conviction and sometimes as an act of rebellion against the capitalist vision of female liberation. UNDERCOVERED is a documentary film about such women.

Arcata Playhouse $7.00


Immigrant  Women  in

Humboldt  County 

Monday, March 5th at 5:30pm

Lead by Central Del Pueblo, this session aims to celebrate different expressions of the daily life of  immigrant women in Humboldt County. We'll be sharing the cultural challenges of our community: the use of language, the development of solidarity networks and the efforts to bring out the artistic expressions of our community.

We'll include information about the importance of the Sanctuary Law in the current times of social and political polarization. We'll finalize with poetry and songs from Latin America. The fee will be donated to support the Sanctuary Ordinance Initiative in Humboldt County.

Arcata Playhouse $3.00

Theatre of the oppressed.jpg

theatre of the Oppressed

Saturday, March 10th at 10AM

This participatory workshop will use theatre games to examine how gender is portrayed in our media, stories, and interactions. How do gender roles affect how we live in our society?  Participants will use real-life stories to create short scenes.

Ruthi Engelke

Arcata Playhouse

Pay What you Can


O2F Fringe Festival 

Five Shows over Two Days For $30

What is a Fringe Festival?

The original Fringe Festival grew out of the Edinbugh Festival  but now there are Fringe Festivals all over the world. These Festivals expose audience to original works and are committed to an open forum of expression.


The Body Discourse2.jpg

Fringe:  The Body Discourse

Friday, March 9th at 10:30am

Written and performed by: Cicely Ames, Allen Cassidy, Leslie Castellano, Ruthi Engelke, Becca Finney,Jaimal Kordes, Soodie Whitaker, Angie Valetutto. The Body Discourse Project is a performance about the nature of being in the body, exploring the relationships between how we exist in our bodies and how our bodies exist in the current moment.

We are a diverse group comprised of dancers with a spectrum of backgrounds and physicalities. Some of our performers experience disabilities, and the piece is designed along principles of radical inclusion and participation. All performers work as equals in the ensemble. The performance addresses themes of bullying, body image, interpersonal relationships, disability awareness, anxiety/depression, friendship, and community.

Arcata Playhouse $5.00 or all 5 Fringe shows for $30

She Said.jpg

Fringe Fest - She Said

Thursday, March 8th at 8pm

Actor/Creator Lily Ali-Oshatz

She Said chronicles one person's experience with rape and her choice to report the crime. Using poetry, storytelling and original music, this one person musical is a call to action and a reminder that our laws cannot be changed until we change our culture. Only then can we begin to hope. 

Arcata Playhouse $10.00 or all 5 Fringe shows for $30

When I Die.jpg

Fringe Fest -

When I Die Leave the Balcony Open

Thursday, March 8th at 9pm

Performer/Creator: Laura Muñoz

Technical support and props: James Hildebrandt

A lone woman in a land devastated by war. She has a mission and is undeterred by obstacles that can cost her life.

Arcata Playhouse $10.00 or all 5 Fringe shows for $30

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Fringe Fest:  FRANK

Friday, March 9th at 9:00pm

World - renowned! The Rat Pack’s 17th member!

America’s ritzy, sophisticated songster and most entertaining entertainer invites you to partake in his interactive live “life retrospective.”

This riveting glimpse into a very special “leading man” is brought to you by Australian comic Emily June Newton and director Deanna Fleysher (aka Butt Kapinski). FRANK will grab you by your shoulders and make you feel nostalgia for a star you never knew!

Arcata Playhouse $10.00 or all 5 Fringe shows for $30

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Fringe Fest :

Win the War or

Tell me a Story

Friday, March 9th at 8pm

Win the War or Tell Me a Story examines the effects of war and the power of story in war-torn Guatemala and the occupation in Palestine. A meditation on war, embodying universal themes of memory, longing, displacement and what it means to win.

Written by Sayda Trujillo

Directed by Jessica Wallenfels

Arcata Playhouse $10.00 or all 5 Fringe shows for $30